Run your ENTIRE Business on ONE Cloud Suite

What’s the difference between the hub and spoke model offered by QuickBooks and and the all-in-one model offered by SAP, NetSuite, and ? Find out here

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Case Briefs

Customer Profile: Boneta Inc. is New York’s largest high end jewelry and watch wholesaler & distributor, with tens of thousands new and pre-owned merchandise.

Business Type: Business to Business Wholesale & Distribution

Customer’s Take: Our systems were getting in the way of growth and we absolutely knew we had to consolidate but had looked at other systems that actually fit our needs, but they were all in the six figure range. While cost was important to us, we also needed a flexible vendor that could cater to our needs, and I have to say, really did a good job here. I’ve told them many times that thanks to them we’ve been able to deploy an enterprise class functionality at a fraction of what it would have cost us elsewhere so when they asked us for a testimonial, we jumped at the opportunity.

Customer Profile: Twohubs Inc. The 2nd largest seller of bicycles, racing components, and gear in the United States.

Business Type: Business to Consumer Retail

Customer’s Take: We were using Channeladvisors to handle integration between our shopping cart and the multi-channel stores we were selling through, which was eBay and Amazon. We were paying through the nose, and found during their multi-channel beta phase. Since then, we’ve switched out web site to’s technology ( and have fully integrated all our inventory, accounting, and order management with our Amazon and eBay stores. Now we have end to end consolidation, all the way from our eBay and Amazon stores all the way back to accounting.

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